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Originally posted by Greg Pavlov
Do you think that you need the 11 wt ? Wouldn't your 8 or
9 be sufficient ?
It's a question of distance, current strength, and size potential of some of the fish. I've landed nice chinook on 7 wts. but most of those were lazy stockers on the Credit. I've landed a few dozen chinook on the Saugeen and they like to run. You should've seen the eyeballs on the Pirate when he had that little 8 lb. chinook peel off all of his line and over 100 yards of backing, during our Saugeen drift trip.

The lower river is very wide in spots and I want to run some flies far out in the deep middle where the float rodders don't go. The 11 wt. will let me do that more consistently with less effort. I'll probably bring the 9 wt. along as backup though.

It's a big river, they're big fish, why not use a big rod?
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