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See, I've been having these daydreams about the lower Saugeen. At Dennys Dam, hundreds of anglers line the banks flogging the water for anything with scales, but if you're willing to walk, you can go downstream and fished relatively untouched waters. There are some great pools downstream and I have this little daydream of hooking a 40 pounder Ford fender of a fish on the end of the 11 wt. in one of them. The fish in these pools will have been unmolested and in a fiesty mood, fresh from the lake.

About the knuckles - I prefer to use the drag knob. :hehe:

For the record, I'm watching ebay for a Redington AL 13/14 that I'll spool up with an Airflo Delta Traditional multi-tip, when it hits these shores. My Lamson Velocity 4s are fine for shooting heads on the 11 wt. but they don't have the capacity for a long bellied line plus a decent amount of backing. I'm planning on needing the backing.
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