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Chasing GL Chinook with a spey rod

Chinook fly fishing in this neck-of-the-woods is usually done with a single hander - sight fishing for them on the smaller rivers. Anyone who has fished for them knows that they can be notoriously unpredictable about taking a fly and sometimes many passes are required before a strike can be coaxed out of one.

This mitigates against using a spey rod and fishing blind for you're likely only to pick up the odd aggressive fish. The advantage of the spey rod would be to reach fish in far lies that haven't be pestered by hordes of other anglers. It also would let me get away from the heavily fished waters.

So, has anyone here been successful picking up chinook when fishing blind with a spey rod?

My 11 wt. would be ideal for this but before I spend some more money on lines, etc. I'd like to be reasonably comfortable with the notion that I'm not wasting my time.

BTW fresh, wild chinook in the Saugeen fight way better than their southern, stocked counterparts and they can still be bright 70 miles upstream. (see my avatar).
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