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Unhappy Dog Days Requiem

O' how I long for the warm days of summer.
to feel the arc of a bluegill's dance against my leader...
The deafening splash of the largemouth's rise,
the crimson look of the rock bass' eyes.
When hoppers and ant patterns top my list,
and southern zephyrs brings a cool, welcome bliss.
O' summertime, where are thee,
help to requiem the days I sought.
Now I am stuck in this artic deep freeze,
I looked for warmer days, but found them not.

I really miss the warm days of late spring and early summer, just shorts, a tee-shirt and my fly vest was enough for me... Going barefoot in my waders. (NO SOCKS NEEDED)
Spring can't get here soon enough for me.
Spring will sprung...
The grass will riz...
Wonder where those mayflies is?
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