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Old 01-23-2003, 09:19 PM
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Hey, Domenick - a question

I used to build bamboo rods, more yearsago than I care to think about. Just wondering ... does anyone still make decent ferrules? If so, what materials do they come in? The old favorite was German Silver. I used to get them at a local "company store" from a rod manufacturer.

Using those old Montague blanks should be fun. Bamboo does make up some very pretty rods, and they making casting aesthetically beautiful (but I personally HATE the action! Everything seems to happen in slow motion!)

Some one of these days, I probably will have to build me another bamboo rod, just for old times' sake. And, I'll probably do a lot of fancy wraps, just like on the old, traditional "high-class" rods. Maybe even take it fishing.

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