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Lee Wulff - Trivia

"Some Flies I have Designed and Fished With" Lee Wulff - 1987. Grays Sporting Journal

"Fishing wet is more effective than fishing dry since trout do most their feeding underwater most of the time , so I was fishing wet much more than I fished dry. Somehow I got started using a very simple nymph which was just a plain Gray Wulff body without any adornments. Soon I was catching most of my trout on it. I tried to get customers to buy some. They didn't. Then I reduced the price to 15 cents each. thinking that a bargain might draw some sales. No one, apparently wanted to insult the trout they were fishing for with a cheap, 15 cent fly. I don't believe I sold a single one of those nondescript nymphs I was finding so effective. even though I fully dressed them up with a couple of turns of peacock herl at the head.

Theres a strange sequel to this story. In 1970 at one of Charles Ritz's Fario Club dinners at his famous hotel in Paris I sat next to Frank Sawyer, recognized as the premier nymph fisherman in England. In the course of our conversation he asked "What do you think I catch most of my fish on ?

A medium sized gray nymph I replied. He turned sideways in his chair, fished into his pocket, and brought out a box of nymphs. There it was in his hand a simple gray wool body on a #12 hook. I held the box in my hand while he dug into his pocket again.and came up with another box. Here he said is what I have to do to sell them. I put a winding of gold tinsel on them and a little darker material at the head.

Maybe he was a better salesmen than I or the fact that a lot of people saw him fish helped out. I had tried to sell those nymphs in New York when none of my customers had ever seen them work on the stream".

Lesson learned, simple flies work.

Growing up fishing the Catskill rivers we always had our simple gray nymphs, and they worked.

I am sure they will also work today.

PM Out

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