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Big Dave

The Chirono's here in BC can get huge...we have some here we call bombers......1 1/2 inches can tie them on a size 8 3x long shank and just start to match the hatch....the one in the pic I cannot remember what size it is but judging from the size of the antron I am going to say 12.....I have a new material that makes the most outstanding gills I have ever seen.
It is called "Wooly nylon" and you can find it in any sewing is apparently used on comes in 900 meter rolls...enough to last several life times...about $8 a spool...when it is pulled tight it is very slim...when you let it go after it has been cut it flairs up just like the real gills on a chironomid

I cannot remember who the originator is...I think it is from a fellow over in Europe I cannot take credit for it. Whoever it was did a fine job....

I will post more of my favorites as the season approaches. I can see that the trout section needs some bolstering....we are way behind the stipers and steelhead

Nice chatting with you fellows

Best regards....jake

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!!
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