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Dave, you are correct in that there was no discourse regarding this.

I have to say that your brief outline touches on some important areas, and I especially believe that the third (facilitating discussion) and fourth (developing group and participation) are the most important. The others kind of work themselves out around here, seeing as people are here seeking out or sharing specific info and flaming threads are very rare.

Without speaking on behalf of my role as a moderator, I'd like to say that the others do a fine job. There are peaks and valleys (i.e., how many warmwater threads will there be in the winter time), but in the long run more folks will participate and each individual board will receive more traffic (ideally even in the slow months). As this happens, the facilitation and development will also swell a bit in kind.

The striper and steelhead contigencies of this Forum are huge. Developing the boards with less traffic will take time, but can be hastened by pulling the lurkers from the woodwork. We need to continually promote the sharing of ideas and knowledge.....this is what makes everyone better, and what will keep this site growing.

Knowledge is power, right?
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