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Combat Fishing

A fishing buddy of mine got more than he expected yesterday morning. Like some of the other addicts that frequent this board, he sometimes gets up at o-dark thirty so he can get 45 minutes to an hour of fishing in before work. Well yesterday was one such morning. Encouraged by his beaching of a 25" native summer run the morning before (following me through a run - but I won't dwell on that), my friend arrived at a spot on the lower Skykomish at 5:50. As he made his way through the dark up the 1/4 mile or so to one of our favorite runs, he could hear chainsaws and heavy equipment working upriver. He had begun to fish his way down the run when out of the fog came a jetski and rider. The rider saw my friend and approached him. Imagine my friends reaction to see that the rider had an automatic weapon slung over his shoulder. My friend was informed that he was in a secure area and needed to leave NOW. When he asked why, he was told that George W. Bush was having a press conference across the river and that he was in a no access zone and would have to leave. He did.

Apparently, the noises he had heard walking in were work crews clearing trees and brush from near the bank so the candidate could be shown with the river to his back as he unveiled his plans to help salmon recovery. Now I don't want to make this a political statement but what is wrong with this picture? You cut down trees and brush NEAR the river bank so you can talk up you plan to HELP salmon runs. Hmmmm, maybe I'm just dense.
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