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Hey Q, long time no chat.
Okaaay, so stiffer line transfers energy better, yes I can see that, but at some point it gets past the point of usefulness, I would imagine. I read through several threads on this topic this afternoon and have narrowed my choices to the 444SL clear intermediate and the Rio clear intermediate shooting head; I already own running line, so right now the shooting head seems to have the advantage in the race. I'm hoping to be back down in the lower Keys for a couple of weeks next month, and I imagine I'll be headed down to the South Carolina and Georgia coasts several times throughout the course of the warmer weather. May get some time in at the Jersey shore in June or July, not certain yet. So I'm looking for a clear intermediate that shoots well and stands up to whatever I hook into, be it bluefish, striper, jack, tarpon, etc. I have no prior experience with Rio lines, so I'm a bit uneasy about making that purchase. One other option that exists is to use an intermediate sinking head on the end of my Monic Tropic Clear floating line. Anyone have any ideas about that? I plan to be fishing in water no deeper than 15' the majority of the time, though I'm certain to get off shore at least once this year and would like to use the intermediate line for that.
I do own a sink-tip line, also, in case anyone wonders, but I have found it to be a real pain to cast. "User-error", I suppose.
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