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Ahhhh . . . 70 degree water . . . Where ya going?

I just picked up a Cortland 444 clear intermediate with the striper taper. This decision was based on reading prior threads on the topic and discussing it with other Furom members. Not sure if 70 degree water would have an adverse effect on that line.

While I was at the show I stopped by the RIO booth to ask about the sinktip (sort of) line that has 15 ft of clear intermediate line at the end of a floating line. The line that the rep showed me was extremely stiff and stayed coiled when it came off the spool, although it easily straightened with a quick stretch. The rep said that the stiff line improved energy transfer, but I'm not sure how well I'd like it. He also recommended using line one weight higher than the rod weight because the weighted part was shorter than on a standard line.
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