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Sounds Yummy! :)

but I could use just a bit of clarification...

You said to add the shrimp and then bring the skillet up to temperature... Those sweet spot prawns are sooooooo delicate, wouldn't you add them to a pan already hot after the garlic is cooked? Seems the garlic would take longer than the shrimp. A friend of mine jokes that when cooking those spots to "just show them the flame and they're done!"... not too far from the truth in my mind.

Sounds delicious! I have some spots just caught at thh end of this season and I plan to try it soon! Sounds like it could be a somple elegant meal at steelhead camp.

How 'bout that napa cabbage salad? I probably wouldn't serve it with the above, but I've been thinking of it lately and getting a hankering for some!

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