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Penobscot Atlantic's

The Penoby Atlantics are almost exclusively Miramichi transplants. The runs of fish that started returning in respectable numbers, late 70's to early/mid 90's, are but a product of a hatchery. It is still believed that there are small numbers of late returning wild fish to a few of the lower tribs, however the river has been functionally extinct for a long, long time.

The downeast rivers are being tinkered with through a captive rearing/breeding program to help jump start the smolt numbers in attempts to get a few more adults on the redds. Returning adult numbers rose a bit but they fell right back to almost zero last season. Too many obstacles- agriculture, timber harvest, and aquaculture remain. Unless the government agencies step up to the plate to improve habitat RIGHT NOW, the last struggling wild fish will be gone in short order. I don't give them more than another 10 years at best.

I had planned on fishing the Narraguagus and Penobscot in '97 but the lure of Quebec pulled too strongly. I now regret the decision to skip Maine as I seriously doubt, endangered listing or not, I will ever get the chance again to wet a line for our native US salmon.
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