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The only person who didn't have to wait in line to fish the Wringer Pool was Jimmy Carter. Yes, that Jimmy Carter. He came down once with a camera crew to document his attempts to get a salmon on the Penobscot. That was when the fishery was in full swing and all the government people were holding up the river as an example of how a fishery could be brought back from near extinction -- which had been the case during the 1960's and much of the 1970's.

Waiting to fish that pool wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The vast majority of the people on line were very pleasant and, on the days when I was there, the weather was very nice. I used to bring a portable vise and some fly tying materials and tie flies while I waited. There was one fisherman who had lost an arm in a logging accident who, after giving me the recipe for one of the "secret" flies of the Penobscot at the time, was the recipient of a number of my fly tying efforts. If memory serves, the fly was called the "Verdict" and its pattern is now pretty well known.

I usually fished at the Dickson Pool, which was on the opposite side of the river from the Wringer Pool. The wait there was not as long, but the pool was smaller so, once you got into the water, you spent less time fishing.

I really miss fishing salmon on the Penobscot, but, hopefully, the fish will be back for my boys to enjoy.

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