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I've got 6 rods that I'm going to be starting within the next week.

1- 2pc 8ft 4wt IMX blanks with Forecast reelseat and Forecast TiCH plated single foot guides with TiCH ceramic strippers

2- 2pc 9ft6 6wt IMX blanks with PacBay woven graphite reelseats(similar to GLX style) and Forecast TiCH singlefoot ceramics and matching strippers

1- 2pc 8ft 4wt Scott G blank(components undecided but will use either Venerri or Bellinger ULSB seats)

1- 2pc 8ft6 4wt Scott G blank(similar components to other Scott)

1- 3pc 7ft6 3wt Diamondback Classic Trout blank(components undecided)

After these I plan on building 2 Dan Craft SIGV blanks(a 10ft 7wt and 10ft 8wt,both 3pc blanks).These blanks are AWSOME and are almost exact clones of the Loomis GLX,only lighter.Highly recommended!

I'll be busy through the spring and maybe the summer too,depending on when I can afford the rest of the components.

PS- Juro,I tried to send you a private message in regards to part of your rod building project(adding the extra cork ring to your seat & grip).
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