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Question Eleuthera/Schooner Cays?

Hi all. Just found this site. Looks great!

I have asked this question on several other BBs and received quite a few differing opinions/answers. Was wondering if anyone here has any other information.

Looking at nautical maps and satellite pictures of the island of Eleuthera there are some very interesting looking "sand dune" type formations a couple miles offshore of the southwestern end of the island. I think they are called the Schooner Cays. Looks like they are quite shallow with several that remain islands at high tide. It doesn't look like a bad run in a flats boat or panga. Does anyone know anything about these. They look awefully fishy at least from several miles up. They also have that light sandy color to them in the pictures. Bonefish Heaven??

I have a trip booked in April to the island and any other general information would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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