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I came across a pattern a couple of years ago which is basically a flatwing-clouser hybrid but with the hackle tied around the bend so that it stands 90 degrees to the hook shank when the fly is lying down flat. The fly is meant to be fished static. Spot a cruising fish, put the fly out in front - at least 10 feet - and wait. The current (there's always current) moves the feather just like a sandeel with its tail sticking out of the sand. The original pattern had a single, long grizzle tail with a couple of strands of flash, a diamond braid body and a sparse golden olive bucktail colar plus dumbell eyes. I wish I could remember where I saw it - I think it was a salwater flyfishing club newsletter - lots of other good stuff in there.

It worked a treat on some very fussy stripers schooled up at the entrance to the crib a couple of years back which a lot of other boats had tried and given up on. Must remember to tie a few up for this coming season.

Remember that dumbell eyes will invert the hook so you will need to assemble the materials "upside down" if you want to maintain the same color profile.
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