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RE:How's 9-23 thru 9-30 lookin?


Glad to hear you are considering the Thompson. I will be at the river every weekend until the 18th of November with a number of them being 3 or even 4 day trips. Which will be the best - who knows? Conventional wisdom says that the first 2 weeks of November are the best. However, I do not subscribe to this as it just gets too busy with visiting anglers. Instead, I think it would be more fun to get together in mid to late October. The weather is warmer, there are usually plenty of fish and there are fewer fishermen. I have already planned a 3-day weekend for Oct. 20,21 and 22, and if it suits you I could easily extend it to a 4 day trip. Like I said, I'll be there every weekend and I could extend most of them to at least 3 days if need be. So if you can work it out to come in Oct/Nov then I'll work it out!
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