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I have settled on the Sagebrush Dry Goods camera bag...when putting one's very expensive digi cam in the hands of waterproof bag, you do not settle for second best!!

I have used the Pelican Cases in the past and there is no way in Hell water is getting into them but they are a little too bulky to carry around on a river for a days fishing.

They are have a decent supply of padding within the bag...come with a strap and a heavy duty belt loop so that you can either hang them off your vest (which I do when I am wading deep) or wear it on your wading belt when you are wading shallow (which I have done as well).

They come complete with a heavy duty 100% waterproof zipper and I honestly do not see how water can get into them...I have put full faith in it!

They are a tad pricey ($80-85) but they are well worth it!!!

...and oh yeah, they are available from one of our fine sponsors...I wonder which one that is!! ...Kaufmanns ofcourse!!...the new catolog with the bags should be posted anytime!
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