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Neoprene Fanny Pack = Dry Gear

I stumbled across a neoprene fanny pack while perusing an online catalog.

I picked one up to slip on the belt of my stripping basket so I would have extra storage, out of the way, while I wade. I just spin my stripping basket around behind me when I want to access it. It's large enough to hold a phone, some essential tools, some ostrich jerky(one of my favorites) and a few flyboxes with some room to spare. I'd compare it to a good sized chest pack.

The best part is the waterproof nature of the pack. It isn't 100% waterproof because it has a normal zipper across the top. The zipper is covered by a neoprene flap that secures on either size with velcro, though. That keeps spray and or downpours from getting in the pack. This all adds up to being able to wade up to the small of my back without getting anything I'm carrying wet. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I'm just not a fan of chestpacks because they get in my way.

I sent the company an email to inquire if they wanted to become a sponsor. Therefore, pending their reply to Juro, I won't post the retailers name, or, the manufacturer for that matter. If anyone wants info they can PM or email me.
~Mark Doogue
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