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Southsound Redux

Four of us gathered at 8am this morning for more cholesterol-loading at the Poodle Dog in Fife before hitting the beach. Today we were looking for searuns and our first stop at Purdy was a bust. We fished the middle of an outgoing tide that was dropping from over 13 feet to a mealy 8.5 feet. We saw only a few sporadic rises and didn't turn any cutts in 45 minutes of fishing.

We moved west to Ollala and it turned out to be just the thing to cure the January blues. As we waded the beach, we were bathed in glorious sunshine while a light breeze from the north riffled the water. It was perfect popper water and it didn't take long before Earl picked up the first cutt of the day. We fished through the turn at 11:30 and continued to catch fish until 1:30 when the wind shifted. Brian, who hadn't picked up any fish with his popper, switched to a Ferguson Silver and Green, and quickly caught three nice cutts and a silver.

In the end, we totaled seven cutts and three silvers for three anglers, although one of us, who shall remain nameless, was only able to practice his casting.

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