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my humble opinion....

Here is my opinions:

I agree that a Rio Winductter is not needed in our Great Lakes region, truthfully it is too much unless you fish rivers like the Saugeen, Grand, Muksegon or St. Joseph. I do alot of custom line making, but below is what works best in my opinion:

Flylines and Tapers:

Floating Pike/Bass Bug Taper: A great line that can be accustomed to our region on smaller - medium sized rivers. Large, short head allows anglers to turnover splitshot and indicators(yes, I know you guys do not fish these....) Also, a loop on the end with a mini-head would work as well, although this taper may not be suited for tips.

Floating Salmon/Steelhead Taper: Allows anglers to mend as a result of the longer tapered belly, yet splitshot and indicators can be layed out easliy. With the extened front tapering down, it works nice for tips and heads. My #1 factory choice line. Works best on medium to larger rivers. I personally perfer Rio's.

Floating Double Taper: The standard for roll casting and memding is exceptional when in the Great Lakes. A great line for indicators and splitshot at short distances, and suited well for tips. Best performed on smaller rivers.

Dan's Custom GL Taper: My ultimate line I have created for our region. Features a pike taper head with the running line cut off spliced to a double taper line that has the first 15' - 20' feet off until you reach the belly. Combines attributes of both a line that can roll cast far distances and turonver indicators and splitshot very easliy. The powerhinge(used by Rio) concept is put in play here, as the DT line acts to "support" the front taper as it lifts line off the water and allows call casts. I am very fond of this line and will take it anywhere, big to smaller rivers. I will bring a few to the clave if anyone wants to cast or purchase one of these lines.

Just my $0.02
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