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I fished the newport area for about 6 hours on saturday late morning to early afternoon and managed a couple of schoolie stripers on flies, which is more than I've been able to find during the day up in Maine lately.

I got both fish at Breton Point in Newport, fishing an olive snake fly in the wash. I'm pretty confident I could've continued catching, but after the first 2 I was mugged by 3 or 4 'fishermen' tossing clams that must've figured the only fish in the ocean were directly in front of me. Rather than stay and be frustrated by the situation I packed it up and explored some other areas.

I fished all around newport and also down at beavertail in Jamestown. I found some incredible looking water, but couldn't find any fish.

There didn't seem to be a lot of bait in the water and I didn't see any surface activity at all. There was a fair amount of weed in the surf from last weeks swells.

Thanks to all for the info, and thanks to the guys at Saltwater Edge for the map and advice. I'm considering a return trip in the next couple of weeks, hopefully the bonito will have arrived in numbers by then.

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