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Here goes,

1. steelhead - summer run yes

2. steelhead - winter run yes

3. Brook trout - Coasters no to a coaster (yes to a UP stream brookie) a coaster would be great

4. Lake trout yes (Grand River Michigan 6th st. dam 1988 on a yarn fly)

5. brown trout yes (both river and lake in Indiana no less as well as Mi. )


6. atlantic salmon no (close encounter only)

7. king(chinook) salmon yes

8. Coho salmon yes

9. Pink salmon no was too early for the run

I have two , how many of these species in one day.

And how many different GL states (Peter can use countries) have you caught Steelhead in a single day.

For question #1 Chinook, brown, coho, and steelhead in one day.

For states in a day 3 Illinois(Eagle creek) Indiana, and Mi.

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