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GLs - Trout & Salmon Grand Slam

Well its 5 degrees with wind chills of -11 degrees here in the windy city, not much fly fishing to be done unless you are into ice fly fishing.

Heres a question for the GLs fly flingers:

Who has caught the various species of the GLs andramous trout, and salmon on the fly ?

These species would include:


1. steelhead - summer run

2. steelhead - winter run

3. Brook trout - Coasters

4. Lake trout

5. brown trout


6. atlantic salmon

7. king(chinook) salmon

8. Coho salmon

9. Pink salmon

Are there any others to be added to the list. Heres a link on great lakes fish species.

I have 6 of the 9 species above. I think the coaster brook trout would be the toughest to get since I will have to do the Lake Superior timing gamble.

PM Out
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