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Originally posted by Greg Pavlov
One thing to consider, if you haven't already, is that in most cases photochromics at their max let more light through than any non-photochromics. At least, that is true of photo-c's from Action Optics and several others.
I did not know that. Thanks. Photo-c copper might work out as a GP set of glasses, then. For all those real bright days, there's twice as many overcast, so if I lose a little filtering with a photo-c lens, then it may maintain a little more lowlight capability.
I was actually looking at a pair from LLBean (doing the xmas exchange dance). I like what I've seen of A/O, but costwise 2 turtlenecks and a vest are what I need to use to defray the cost of a decent pair. Of course, they're glass...which now has me considering how well they'd hold up in a chuck and duck fishery (where I lost my last pair to 3 pcs of #2 shot).

Thanks does sound like I'm shopping for copper on the next pair at least.
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