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Trust Me (Oxymoron?) I know where you're coming from.

Fred, after my experiences last summer with "Mortgage Bankers" you don't know how big a target you just gave me."

Yes, getting a home loan can be a very pricy thing. Work for KeyBank and one thing I'll give them (all other oddities aside) is we don't charge people for the "priviledge" of borrowing our money (no loan fee, junk fees, etc.). In this case I did use a Broker with whom I have a good working relationship. 3/4 point fee (and all the junk fees ..sigh) but a 5.5% 30 year term loan. At the time I 'locked' the real cost of money was 6.00 to 6.125 percent so no room to bitch.

Playing with the FO for the first time; it IS fast! Will have to checkout my fav. porno sites to see just how fast.

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