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Can't speak to the rivers in the Eugene area but

suspect your shot at salmon would/could be fairly limited. Sorry if I sound like a shill for the local Chamber of Commerce but that time frame is smack in the middle of our Fall Salmon/end of the peek for summer steelhead on the upper Rogue.

This years (actual numbers) count as of Nov 9th (last report date, but matchs up with your dates was.

Summer run steelhead: 13,777
Fall Kings (they take flys!) 19,639
Silvers (not big on flys) 6,077

As the Kings and steelhead both like the same kind of flys (both love Willie Gunns ... go figure) and small dark (either black, brown or olive) you never know what will hit the end of your line. Silvers ... everyone's still trying to figure out what will get these buggers attention.

Rod wise: 8wt minimum 9 or 10wt's if a lot of kings in the area. Maps I got if you deside to fish this area. I can also fill you in on the rest if you deside to fish the upper Rogue River. As an example in the Shady Cove area (about 15 miles up stream from Medford) you're plunk in the middle of a ton of good water. 20 minute drive to the top end/hatchery area. Two or three 'full housekeeping' motels in the town so you can cut your costs (booze store is just about across the street so you can keep your single malt's stocked up.
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