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Seriously. be carefull with locations like the Cliff Walk and Sachuest Point. These places have surge waves that can be ten feet higher than the actual size waves. Any time you have waves going against steep faced, deep water spots, be careful. The energy of the wave has to go some where when it stops so sudden. Places like Brenton Point are much safer due to the fact the waves turn over from the shallowness of the bottom. One man was lost this year already from Sachest Point trying to gaff a striper. Wasn't wearing any PFD devise.

Brenton's Reef has been producing for shore caster's using pencil poppers and swimming plugs. Fly fishers have had less success. Scup, seabass, and fluke are prime time during this part of the season. We have caught scup with a fly before. Change hooks and live line 'em. "You never know what your going to get."

You need any more specifics about location, e-mail me.
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