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keys, food and bonefish

JURO--I'm filling up dates in May for tarpon, but let me know when you're going to be out here and if I'm not booked I'll see if we can hook up and maybe get you into some poons. I'm an easy freeway shot nearly the whole way (Alligator Alley, the north on
I-75 about 50 miles to the Happy Hunting Ground.

BCASEY--Yeah, I've had a lot of fun with keys bonefish. Put a pal of mine who'd never done it into ONE fish on a horribly windy day near Big Pine when I couldn't hide even there. He hooked one that went (no fish story) about 12 pounds. I was scanning the water when he hooked up. All I heard was, "Tooooooooony---ZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGB AM!!!!!!" A truly large bonefish. I said, "Rex, guys have spent many years and many thousands of dollars trying to hook a bonefish like that. You got yours--all except for landing it, of course, on your first day out."

Go figure!

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