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RE:To click or not to Click

I agree with you completely Dave; got to have it.

I do love my Lamsons. I've been a Lamson fan since those Boeing machinists started making those reels, before big name aquisitions and mass production problems. Even with the clutch reputation, I've had only one pop out of 5 hard fished Lamson LP's (Spey, 2xLP4's, LP3.5, LP2). I mean HARD fished. When one looks at the drag and sees the small surface area of the caliper, it seems inadequate... but when you set it as desired and give it a yank it is as smooth as a fine watch and these reels have tamed serious fish over the years for me. I've noticed that they lose a little resistance after a soaking of the reel in water. A couple clicks tighter and the drag is fine until it dries. I have absolutely no complaints about my investment in Lamson LP reels.

I think I'm ready for the next step. The Lamson is my meat and potatoes workhorse reel and has served me very well, but I am looking for a reel like I haven't allowed myself to purchase yet.

The Lightspeed has my attention due to it's innovative design. The new Bauer MX series puts the drag on the proper side - away from the handle. The Loop is the innovator in it's class, and a prestigious reel as well as ingenious. The Islander is a brick ####house of a reel if there ever was one. So many reels, and I can only have one.

Keep the comments coming!
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