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There is no good book that teaches how to tie steelhead flies of all types that also has a good patteren recipe section.

All the aforementioned books are good on patterns but lacking in tying techinique insrtuction.

The best way to go is with a solid tying text such as Dick Talleur's "Versitile Flytyer"; Jorgeson's "Favorite Flies and Their Tying"; Fling and Puterbough's book; Skip Morris's book, etc. and then get a book with pattern recipes in it. I think the Trey Comb's book "Steelhead Flyfishing" is the best one for patterns that is availbale right now. Shewey's dee and spey fly book is a good one but is only covers tying dee and spey flies, not general tying.

Pmflyfisher's suggestion of taking a fly tying class is very sound advice. I learned the hard way by myself with the use of Herter's "Professional Fly Tying Manual" as my teacher. It would have cut years off the learning curve and would have prevented some bad habits that I then had to unlearn from developing. A good fly tying class will have you tying an acceptable fly the first night because you can see it happening and then get the tutoring of the instructor immediately. Well worth the price.

And never buy cheap tying tools, they are false economy.
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