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I can help fish there last evening. We went to third beach, friend lost a fish in the rocks guessing over 25# broke 20# test.
At the end of third beach there is a wildlife parking lot take a walk to backside lots of rocks. Another place is Brenton Point also rock fishing. Be very careful most of the guys are wearing Korkers some of the rocks can be slimy or watch the waves if a big one comes in it can take you off the rocks hate for you to get hurt. But lots of large fish hanging right against the rocks no need to cast out far actually the closer to the rocks you fish the better kind of like dapping a fly they come out of the suds to the surface to eat anything that gets trapped in the wash.

Also in the evening after everyone leaves the beach the blues and bass are in the surf. Hope this helps I was surprise at how many fish hold in those rocks. One more thing the peanut bunker is in these places.
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