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RE:To click or not to Click

I definitely love the scream. I was fishing a run with high walls in the canyon stretch of the upper Green river gorge one morning. The winter fish were in and it was one of those unbelievable 60 degree Washington State Saturdays you get in February once in a while, the kind that drive the crocuses up and green up the grass a shade. The kind that fill the heart with appreciation for what the world has to offer for those who seek it, mossy lined rock walls a backdrop for giant cedars, firs and hemlocks reflecting brightly on the lightly tinted mint green currents gliding over a myriad of colorful stone discs flattened and smoothed by time and water.

Suddenly, the clatter of a mechanism rings through the canyon like an angered blue heron. I look to the noise and it is an angler stepping down the bank with rod bent to the hilt and the bright line tearing the surface tethering brute force in snow white, silver and black. As the fight slowed, the grinding whirs turned to clack-ack-ack's and a handsome native Puget Sound steelhead come to the shore. That was the first Hardy I had ever heard rung by a steelhead. I've heard it many times since, but have had my doubts as to whether a click drag would tame some of the fish I have battled. It would certainly change my current style of using the drag surface to tire the fish, certainly moving more to use of palming and manual resistance against the runs. Still on the fence for my next reel purchase.

As fine as Abels are, I can't understand why you'd want click retrieve and a silent drag!

Can't wait to hear it again,

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