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Those taking part in the hairwing fly swap will be receiving a fly tied with an Arctic fox hackle spun a la Jorgensen. I saw the FF&FT article and had to give it a go, adapting one of my favourite patterns. I'm now a bit concerned about the hair falling out, though; it never occurred to me to cement it in. Apologies to all if they do come apart, but they're already on their way across the Atlantic, so out of my hands!

Pastortd, Jorgensen ties his flies in three stages, as follows:

1. Underwing
2. Spun hackle in dubbing loop.
3. Overwing tied forwards and then turned back, on top of the hackle.

There doesn't seem to be any problem with bulky heads with this method. The flies illustrating the magazine article have tiny heads; my tying skills are not up to his, but it still gives very acceptable results.
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