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I have fallen in love with the Rio Aqualux running is an intermediate sink, clear and shoots well without is far and above the best running line out there...btw-stay away from flat mono running line...its hard on the hands and difficult to work with.

When I am fishing from the boat, I run anything from intermediate to a 500 grain Rio Big Boy head...they are 24' (also available in 26') and get down!! With this system you can easily cast as far as need be and reach the fish.

If you are fishing from a beach, you need nothing more then an intermediate line (or floating) in most can just run your intermediate head with the Aqualux running line...if need be, you can also purchase 30 and 40 foot shooting heads as well.

IMHO...the above system is very versatile, easy to use and most importantly, catches fish!!
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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