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Pete, I've used all of them, and whatever you choose is the right one. That's not a smart-ass answer.

Duro Extended Time. Devcon Five-Minute. Devcon Thirty Minute. SuperPoxy One Minute (my latest favorite, though it really isn't one minute exactly).

Ninety minute (I think it was Devcon). Two hour rod builder's. Eight hour golf club maker's. It really doesn't matter. All these materials are a 1:1 mix; most of the difference is kicking time and the tyer's level of patience with waiting. I don't find a significant difference in the one-minute, 3000# tensile strength finish against the 5000#, five-minute. they're both glass smooth when cured.....not just hardened, but cured.

The other night Striblue watched me dangle One Minute Superpoxy off a bare hook shank and rotate the shank while the stuff set up. It didn't kick in one minute as I might not have mixed it just 'enough'; it took about five, set up nicely, and was touchable within seven to ten minutes - but, next day, it was bulletproof on the hook.

Don't forget things like Goop, whether Carpenter's, Plumber's, or Marine, for bonding and fixing to the hook as well as an epoxy base material.
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