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I love to fish. Most of the reasons I like fly fishing would aply regardless of the gear I use. The solitude and companionship; The mastery and the mystery; The defeats and the succeses; The connection with nature and the wild; The history and the literature and the dreams and all the scheming are universal parts of fishing. To think otherwise would be more than a little snobish.
I like fishing with a fly because sometimes it is the most effective way to catch fish in a given circumstance. I like flyfishing because sometimes it's almost imposible to catch a fish on a fly.
I love fly casting. It can be beautiful or ugly. Sometimes it is both at the same time.
I love quietly dropping a fly right into a fishes kitchen. A big splat can be good too.
I love it when a fish takes one of my poorly tied flys. Thankyou!
I love fly fishing because of the direct connection between me and the fish when I set the hook. It's like an electric shock.
I love how the spool spins as a fish takes off line. Direct and even a little dangerouse.
I love showing people how to flyfish.
I love overcoming the frustration that seems to be unique to flyfishing. It can be a twisted kind of fun.
The rewards are so sweet.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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