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Great post and wonderful responses...

My mentor as a child growing into the world of the angler, was about as far away from an eletist as one could get. However he taught me a very valued lesson in this regard and I have more or less made it a guiding principle in my angling and life beyond that.

We were driving to and from the rivers of the Olympic Penninsula on a regular basis, and one time the subject came around to why do we fish, and more specificly, why did he Fly Fish? His answer, I have never forgotten it (obviously), " You get out of Fishing what you put into it". There was a lenghty silence followed by a very lgoodly listing of various means that more advanced anglers chose to pursue there sport. Light tackle, no bait, and ultimately Fly tackle. All this of course is to make it more of a challange.

Most of the guys I grew up with that did not take this advice are now not fishing very often. However the Old Timer is in his 70's disdains the use of boats and fishes with nothing but Fly Tackle, he even took up Spey Casting in the last decade. I mention that he does not use boats on rivers because to him this was the ultimate in simplifying the sport and shows the dedication and persistance of this older generation fisherman.
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