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Question Why flyfishing?

What is it about this angling method that attracts you?
For me there is a mystery about fly fishing that I just can't explain. The solitude I find where I am able to "escape" for the moment and my only worries are whether I'll have any wind knots to deal with.
The satisfaction of laying your line out perfectly and the anticipation of a fish rising to a dry fly. The screaming of your fly reel when a steelhead takes line off of it and the graceful beauty of a well executed roll cast.
The famous fly fishermen from the past couldn't explain it either.
Why is one drawn to this method when there are so many other more productive methods out there for taking fish?
We fly fishers often maligned by others as being "elitests" that's too funny because any of you that know me know that couldn't be further from the truth. Maybe it's the satisfied look on our faces after a day on the river that some cannot understand.
In a world of conspicuous consumption I am happy to be able to just hike up the Deschutes canyon for a few hours and maybe see three or four others along the way.
The rewards are many for me in fly fishing but most do not revolve around taking a bunch of fish.
Maybe that's the mystery
Those of you that know what I am talking about can've been there
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