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Running Line help...

Okay- I'm new to this salt water fly fishing, but I now have a kayak to fish from and looking to get set up to fish for silvers, sea- run cutts and ????

Anyway, I have read the excellent tome titled "flyfishing for pacific salmon" and have a question.

Do ay of you fly casters out there have any recomendations for running line set-ups for shooting heads?

I have a rio Versa-tip Leviathan line that I take with me to Cabo, but when I fish it up here, it doesen't seem to get very deep (using the 500 gr head). I am thinking of adding a spoll with Amnesia? or Rio's shooting line, so any suggestions on what works well would be great. This set-up would be used mostly from my Yak, with the intention of getting deep.


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