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Wanted...Spey set up

Good day to everyone: I have been prowling this site now for a couple of weeks, and I am happy to say you have convinced me to try my hand at spey casting. I live in Nelson BC, I typically fish the Columbia river for resident rainbows that run into the teens. A typical spring fish would range 4-6 lbs, but thanks to the Americans, we will soon have triploid steehead showing up in our waters, in the next few years that easily tip the scales at 14-18 lbs. I also fish the Dean, Vedder and want to start on the Thompson.

My question is this. I am limited to approx $800 Canadian dollars ( I know that this equals about 400 US dollars....grin grin). I am looking at three different outfits now and would like your advise;
I have decided that the 8/9 weight setup will be my choice

1- Loop blue or green series spey in the 12'4" 8/9 with either a Loop traditional 3Wide spool or an Evotech 8-12

2- Orvis Trident TLS in 12'4" in an 8/9 Wt. With an Orvis Battenkill large arbour # VI size

3- Guideline ( Loomis GL-3 made for Norway) 13' 8/9 Wt with a Hardy Salmon #2 or Hardy Disk 8/9/10

Perhaps you have something that you are wanting to sell

I am an experienced caster and have tied for nearly 35 yrs. All of my gear so far is Sage one handers and all Hardy reels.

I am not rich enough to afford a sage Spey, and not afraid to think outside the box, hence the loop selection

thanks in advance

Best regards....Paul

Paul Jacobsen
Nelson BC

Home on the mighty Columbia.

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!!
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