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Here you go based on my 23 years of fishing that blue ribbon rive which you know is my favorite.

1. Yes it is exhaustible and is much more used due to the many full time guides on the rivers every day of the year floating it plus the many walk in anglers due to the world wide press it has received the last 20 years.

2. Amazingly though its wild fish runs are still strong and the browns are coming back again since the no kill was put in a couple of years ago.

3. During the salmon and steelhead andramous runs night fishing should be banned. Other states have this rule such as Oregon. Lets be real, the majority of people I have seen fishing at night are lining or snagging the salmon and steelhead.

4. During the non andramous fish periods night fishing can resume on the entire river for the brown trout fisherman.

5. The number of drift boats per day on the river need to be limited all year.

6. The number of other boaters, canoes, raft, kayaks needs to be limited during the summer period. I have heard that there is a proposal for this on the PM that may go into effect this year.

7. Make the flys only no kill, also barbless hook in addition to the 1/2 inch hook size.

8. When the returns are low and the rivers are very low (like this year) the DNR should be monitoring and closing the PM and other rivers at times from all fishing. Particularly those with significant wild fish runs. We all know which rivers these are.

I think the only thing that is preserving the wild fish runs is that that over 60 miles of spawning tribs (Baldwin, Little South, and Main above M-37) are closed from 9/30 until the last saturday in April which protects a large number of spawning salmon and steelhead. I have went up there a couple of times during the closed season and there are a lot of them up there spawning in relative peace.

Also PM and michigan steelheaders in general have bought more into the C+R concept over the last 20 years. It is not just kill everything any more.

Been trying to decide where I would want my last fly fishing day on earth to be it would be either the Beaverkill or Pere Marquette, but I am leaning to the good old PM, as any one who has it fished a long time can attest.

Hopefully we can preserve for future generations but I am getting worried.

PM Out
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