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Foam ? for Crease flies - part 2

Thank's to all who helped in part 1.
I have been at it for 2 days now and have a basic design that I think will work.
I am trying to delay using Epoxy to harden the "shell" part of the fly, mostly because I have very litlle experience with the stuff but I will use it on one of the prototypes I am building.
What type of epoxy do you use ?, I have only worked with the hardware store 3 minute type.
What proportions of resin & hardener do you use?
I am not worried about the eventual yellowing of epoxy since pike flies never last beyond the season anyway.
I also wonder if any of you folks have an alternate hardener. I tried nail polish & hardener and have a decent result so far. I also tried head cement and it also gives a good result.
I tried various enamel paints & Gel-Coat paint (used on my fiberglass boat) but both chip badly so they are out. Besides they are expensive and not available in small quantities, like art supply style containers.
I want something that will make the foam hardened and protect against the pike teeth as best can be expected, without the weight of multi coats of epoxy.

Any suggestions form the chemists out there?
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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