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RE:For the love of Hardys


How the hell is anyone to know you've hooked a fish if you have one of those silent drags? (like that Lamson on the Skagit) You know I love the Hardys. Not much sounds like the scream of a Hardy with the handle spinning at warp speed. I will admit to lately using my Bo Mohlin which is silent, the Cow the less attention a fly flicker draws to one self the better. I have Perfects from 3 " to 4 ", only missing the 4" Eric ever though about swapping a 3 for your 4" I have two 3 " Perfects or 9/10 Golden Prince? The capacity of these Salmon Perfects is only surpassed by reels used to lay TPC5 (Trans Pacific Cable 5). I however would not subject a Perfect to the rigors of the Salt.

You might consider the Marquis Salmon 2 which has a wonderful sounding drag good capacity reasonable weight, doesn't cost a fortune as your new steelhead reel and a Redington for the Salt. Redingtons look awesome for the $$. I've never met a reel I didn't like and have too many but an always looking for more.

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