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RE:For the love of Hardys

Since I am on the east coast, maybe I can't qualify as a hardcore steelheader, but...I will tell you that the first place I check into on the site is the 'steelhead on a fly' thread 'cause that's where the heart is most everyday. So, having said that, I am a Bauer fan. Delrin face against a 3" slotted cork drag makes the reels buttery smooth and they just don't quit. I use 'em in the salt all summer and reline and chase salmon in the spring. Jon Bauer stands behind them and you can call and talk to him directly when there are questions.
(when Bauers first came out they had revA and revB non-interchangable spool faces, which the dealers didn't handle very well)
I try to look at value in a piece of gear and I look at it over a reasonably long timeframe. I think Bauer offers a very good value for the long haul.
I wish the Dean was a lot closer so we could get a casual
'clave going to share more experiences.


Jay C.
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