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Rod wrapping

Juro, as a young kid (in the '40s) I used to make my own bamboo rods - even starting with gluing 6 "sticks" together to form each section (but that's another story).

Rod wrapping can be accomplished in a number of ways. I used to hold the spool by the ends, and used v-notches cut in a cardboard box to spin the rod with my other hand. (Today I would probably use the same technique, but use a fly-tying bobbin as a tensioning device!) Don't knock it - it works!

Many of my "originals" have been handed down in the family, and are still in use today! (I personally hate bamboo's "action".)

I got the raw mat'ls from relatives who worked in a fishing gear factory, and "read up" on how to build rods. It's amazing what you can perform if you are long on ambition, but short of cash!

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