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RE:For the love of Hardys

I have a beloved Hardy Perfect Duplicate Mark II 4" Salmon Reel that I paid $200 for many years ago. It was very used when I got it, but certainly not abused, and it will last several more generations with care.

These suckers have unbelievable line capacity. I have it spooled with a 40 yard SA double taper Salmon line and 200 yards of 30 pound dacron backing and there's still lots of room under the bars. The weight of these mighty reels goes a long way towards counterbalancing a 14 - 16 foot rod, and they are a delight to fish with.

The Salmon reels are usually available in the used market for anyone really interested and are good bargains when compared to the more sought-after trout sizes of similar quality reels.

So anyway, you might want to consider used as well as new.

Petri heil,

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