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Shrimp Dijon....

This one is a real favorite, and the sauce will go with anything edible, but I like it on Spot Prawns when I am not eating them raw.
Prepare the shrimp for cooking by devineing and peeling if nessecary.. In a small mixing bowl add three table spoon dollops of Dijon Mustard a couple tablespoons of chopped chives and at least 1 tablespoon of Tarragon. Add to this the juice of a half of a fresh lemon and whisk it up to even it.
Pour enough Olive Oil into a non stick skillet crush or dice four or more cloves of Garlic and throw them in with the oil add the Shrimps. Turn on the heat and as soon as the oil sizzels turn the shrimp over and add the sauce. Stir until it thickens a bit and serve over a bed of rice or Pasta.
With rock fish fillets or salmon just remove the fish from the skillett and pour in the sauce and make gravy, always cook your fish in olive oil unless your deep fat frying!!!!
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