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Foam ? for Crease Flies

I am starting to tie some pike flies and want to try out some Crease style flies. Before I do so, I thought I would ask for your experience and suggestions.
Pikers are well known for their teeth..., something like Blues but with much more of teeth.
What type of foam would you be using? Are there particular tying methods you can share, like do this & don't do this? What type of glue is used? What size hook & shank lenght do you use? ( I am thinking 3/0 with as long a shank as I can find).
I only have a a few sample flies that I picked up during my last visit to the Cape area so I am really limited. All of them are really short and have the hook near the end or tail. I want to make mine between 4 and 5 inches long and need to have the hook at the head, since piker eat their prey that way.
All suggestions are welcome!

I have some closed cell 1/8 inch thick material, so if I double this up, I get a 1/4 inch thick body, this seems too thick to me. I want to shape the fly like a minnow and weight the fly belly a bit so that it rides just below the surface and somewhat upright. I will use some form of Holographic tape to cover the fly and will post my creations as they evolve.
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